You can't blame Louis UK 12" White Label Promo (Polydor 1982)

This is the very scarce "You can't blame Louis" UK white label 12" Promo. It was intended to be the follow up single to "Are you hearing (What I hear)?" but Polydor decided to go for "Weave your Spell" instead and rejected this 12". It features an extended mix of "You can't blame Louis" on Side 1 and live versions of "Dune Tune" & "Love Games" on Side 2, same as were chosen as the B-side for the "Weave your Spell" 12". There are 2 different versions of the "You can't blame Louis" white label 12". This one with just 1/2 labels and one with 1/2 labels and titles. This was never commercially released, nor was it spread to radio stations, therefore very sought after by Level 42 collectors. Pressed in August 1982 one month before the "Weave your Spell" single was commercially released. There is also a very rare UK 7" acetate of the "You can't blame Louis" rejected single.